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Tick-Toc is a bouncy, happy charmer. He is a confident and well-mannered dog, who enjoys the company of family, strangers and other dogs. He walks great on a leash, really loves his walks!

Tick Tock's main purpose in life is not to please you, but to express himself. So he is not as much interested in learning tricks as he is to wiggle you welcome home, or leap into the backyard. His mood and demeanor is very unique!

He loves to play tug, catch treats in the air, and snuggle. He loves his attention, but does not get anxious when left at home. This guy is a grown up man. House trained and listens well. 

We guess he is a mix of English Bulldog and Boxer, around 4 or 5 years old. He seems to prefer adult dogs, or calmer dogs, to live with. He has not been cat tested, but will most likely learn to leave cats alone pretty quickly. He loves children. He is a large dog, who steps on your feet, so kids should be sizable and enjoy big dog play. 

Tick-Toc will have to undergo the rest of his heartworm treatment prior to adoption, or he can be fostered to adopt during treatment. He will also need to get fixed, but has no other health concerns.