rocky (coney)

**IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE FOSTER** This sweet man has been evading our rescue for two months. The wonderful woman who has been feeding him for those months, an employee of a Coney Island Diner, was able to earn his trust enough to get him in her car. For months, he was a runner, and wouldn't even go near live traps. We were at our wits end, and understood that this woman was the best shot he had. We coached her through earning his trust, and she did an incredible job! He is going to get the care he need, and love he deserves, because of her! She is a hero! Unfortunately, this man has been diagnosed with advanced heartworm and is very underweight. He is going to need several months of treatment before he is adoptable. Fostering for Rebel Dogs Detroit is easy! Give us a call if you are interested! Their medical care is easy, and you don't have to attend vet visits. Supplies are covered.