We are committed to helping the Detroit community retain their pets at home if at all possible. There is no reason that a dog should be abandoned or surrendered when it's possible to provided resources that would allow the dog to remain happy and healthy in its home. Please reach out to us if you need help overcoming obstacles with your pet. We provide training sessions at no cost (donations welcome). We also can connect you with access to free pet food, low or no-cost vet care, and free supplies such as leashes, collars, pet id tags, bowls, dog coats, and fencing. 


If you still feel unable to keep your pet for whatever reason, we will accept it as a surrender. If it isn't a dog, we will find placement for it at an applicable rescue.  


We offer 24/7 rescue for abandoned or injured dogs. Contact us anytime if you have found an animal in the Detroit area who needs rescue. Please stay with the animal until we arrive, if at all possible. Call us at: 631-545-3534