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This lady is a doll! Super sweet, and charming, but with a mysterious scar that leaves one wondering what the hell happened. 
We have never seen something this long that healed on it's own, without stitches or infection. Must have been such an awful incident. 
We are so glad she isn't in danger anymore and is off the street! And snuggles is too, as her tail wags non-stop. She is a bit afraid of larger dogs when she first meets them, might have something to do with the origin of her scar. However, she loves all humans, cats, kids, and smaller dogs. She really wants a family with kids who have plenty of hugs to give to her. She is currently heartworm positive, so she will need to finish treatment before she can offically go to her forever home. However, if you are interested in her, you are welcome to reach out and foster her through her treatment.