Adoption Guidelines 

We want to help you find your best friend! We have tried to reimagine the dog adoption process, in hopes of making it a more accessible and attractive option for those looking for pet companionship. Our adoption fee is $225 for adult dogs, and $350 for dogs under a year. That said, we do offer a sliding scale adoption fee for members of our community who are living under the poverty line. Under that program our fee can be anywhere between $0-225, whatever you feel able to pay. Additionally, if that doesn't apply to you, and you still wish to adopt without paying our full fee, we offer a volunteer-to-adopt program. Ask us for more info on either of these programs if they are of interest to you!

When you contact us to adopt a dog, we will interview you, and then set up a time for you to meet the dog. If you wish to continue with the adoption after those steps, we will fill out the paperwork, and require a training session to be done with a member of our team, you, and the dog. This session cost is covered in the adoption fee, and if we think any follow up sessions are called for, we will not charge you for those. 

Our commitment to you and your new dog doesn't end with the adoption. You are welcome to follow up with us at any point if you need help keeping your dog safe and healthy. We are here to be a resource!



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