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(old man) Bingo

Bingo is a beautiful, grey-muzzled, black pitbull, perhaps mixed with a little Shar-Pei. Despite how he may look, he is not that old! The vet said around 8, and they also said Old Man would make a good candidate for getting fixed once he has healed up a bit. 

Old Man was found in Rouge Park as a stray, and his medical issues include complete deafness, infection of the paws and general skin infection, enlarged prostate. 

He is a bit of a humper, so we don't advise he be in a house with other dogs until he gets neutered, as we worry they might get annoyed with his humping, and he can't hear them growl.

However, he doesn't jump, and walks nicely on a leash. He is sweet and charming and just wants to be where you are. He likes all dogs and people, and has a low energy, very balanced attitude.

Old Man does not like small spaces. He should not be left in the car, yard, a crate or a small room alone. This is traumatic to him, but because Old Man is easy to be around - this should not cause much issue.